Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rave is indeed king. Hello, tonight I bring you a nice little suppliment of music that'll get you jumping for sure.

Fukkk Offf consists of one rad dude straight out of Vatican City. He has tons of material that can be found on his myspace, and other sites like beatport. He released his EP around July and you can find it here

Fukkk Offf - Rave is King (original)

MIA remixed by NASA edited by Villians. Most Excellent. Enjoy this, it'll really get things started.

Whatchadoin' (Villians Remix)

Stay tuned.

Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption (Boys Noize Remix)

Hello! Here we have a great remix, the remix of Snoop Dogg, Sexual Eruption by Boys Noize.
Boys Noize is the moniker of Alexander Ridha, a "German" Electro tech producer and DJ. It is also the name of Ridha's label, Boysnoize Records, which he set up in 2005.
You can download by here.

DJ Lima

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cookies and Milk

Hello! Here we have a great remix and mashup group with an awesome name. They are called Chewy Chocolate Cookies. They mix and mash anything from modern rap to 8bit. But they always have very danceable songs. Meeks and I found their whole set. Everyone should really check it out and get downloading. You can find their set here


Friday, February 13, 2009

TGIF Remix List #1

I always thought as Friday being an extra day for the weekend, sure there was school to go to, and work.. but people just aren't the same on Friday, better moods.. more attentive, cool attitudes etc. So let me just start a little 'unoffical but still offical weekend remix list'.

That being said, lets get this party started right...

Justice - Tttheee Ppparrttyy (Chewy Choclate Cookies Remix)


Zeale vs. Justice - D.A.N.Z.E.


Outkast - Ms. Jackson (Audible Doctor Remix)

* Quality is low, However it's still good..*


The Cool Kids - 88 (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)


DJ Kue - Don't Get High (Off your own supply)


And that does it for now, have a chill weekend everyone


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey! Eargasm here with another mix. Sort of hard dance/trance. It runs to be 1 hour and 45 seconds. Pretty much pure awesomeness, be sure to download here.


What up guys, sorry for the late post but today I bring you a gem, a nice big fucking hilarious gem. The L0nley Island brings us their first CD, with such hits as Jizz in my pants and I'm on a boat. I love this type of music, comedy-rap, funny-hop.. whatever you want to call it, it's great stuff.

I hope you guys enjoy and please stay tuned for more great tunes of the awesome catagory, brought to you by yours truely and DJ Dustball.



Monday, February 9, 2009

Album - In Tune and on Time

DJ Sh@dow - In Tune and on Time.
This is one of my favorite live albums of all time, and probably one of the best ever made. It features DJ Shad0w in his live set. He shows a ton of variety and he mixes and mashes music making basically one long mix, that has you longing for more. It features Drum and Bass, Old School Hip-Hop, Mashups, Scratching, Down Tempo, and a ton of sampling. I recommend that you download the entire album. You can listen to each individual song or download the whole album here.


Fixed Income


Un Autre Introduction

Walkie Talkie

Lonely Soul

Lost and Found

Mutual Slump

Stem Long Stem

Reconstruction Melody

Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II)

The Third Decade, Our Move

Halfway Home

The Number Song

Organ Donor

Mashin' on the Motorway

Blood on the Motorway

-Happy Listening!

Bike Hero

Just alittle break from music posts (video posts are fine too, k? k). This video is great, these guys did a great job in editing this shit, just look down at his bike and you can see the tiny lights going off on the notes, great stuff. Now what he needs to do is Through the Fire and Flames.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Bingo Mix

Hello all, so here it is.. one of Eargasm's first mixes, (tiger mix) it's at about 1 hour 18 minutes in length, and well, I'm pretty satisfyed with it.. so be sure to tell us what you think and remember to stay tuned for more mixes, mashes and what have you. Meeks out. 


Saturday, February 7, 2009

80's Roundup

Ah yes, It's my turn (meeks) for a round up. I thought it would be fun to upload 80's only as I've been listening to these songs alot lately, and who DOESNT LIKE the 80's...

First things first; J0URNEY - Anyway you want it

Great fucking track, Telemitry really kills it with this one. 

Next up; Miche@l J@ckson -Smooth Criminal

This remix is done by LAZRTAG, who really know what they're doing, they have shown their skills in this song and many others you can check out at www.myspace.com/LAZRTAG

Oh shit?; A H@! - Take On Me

This one is alittle hard(style), but nonetheless it's fucking killer, it really speeds up to show you the new age fundamental drop beats mixed with the vocals A Ha was famous for.

That's right; Flock 0f Se@gulls - I Ran (So Far Away)

I love the original song, so this remix really made me happy. It's the shit, what can I say.

Lolwut?; B0n J0vi - Livin on a Prayer

Daft Punk mashed with Bon jovi, makes this track.. named, Daft Prayer

Moar; B0n J0vi -Shot Through The Heart

Heres more Bon Jovi, entitled Deladeu A Bad Name (GlowTape!'s Shot Through The Mash Up)

Anyway thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the flashback, stay tuned for more

(I just noticed this was posted under dustball's name, my bad)

Chill Music Roundup

Our first roundup. I wanted to start it off sort of low key with some great songs that make you want to relax. We have deadmau5, Emancipator, Ratatat, DJ Shadow, and me, DJ Dustball. Hope you enjoy, and remember to relax!

Deadmau5 ft Kaskade - I Remember

Great track, long and sweet, very relaxed.

DJ Shadow - Lonely Soul

I swear I have a fetish for techno mixed with good rap. This is from DJ Shadow's live set, its mixed extremely well. You should check out the whole album In Tune and on Time!

Ratatat - Crips

Relaxing track, despite the name. Ratatat always provides great melodies that relax you but are very rhythmic.

Emancipator - Shook

DJ Meeks showed me this one. Great, great song. Another rap + techno duo. Extremely well made. Great track.

DJ Dustball - Lost at Sea

Mine! Made this a while back when I was doing more experimental things. Takes a bit, but it builds up into a great song.


Hope you like all the songs!

Before I Head Out...

I bring to you the (somewhat old) Jizz In My Pants sensation. Sure it's plastered all over the internet and it's pretty old but trust me this is a fresh remix that blends the techno and comedy making it to good to pass up, so here you go:

The L0NLey Island - Jizz In my Pants (DJ Kue Remix)

First post!

Well here it is, Eargasm's first post..

That's right, we're here and we're ready to mash and mix our way to the top. Some info on us: Eargasm consists of two deejays, DJ Dustball and DJ Meeks. Our blog is only intended for sampling our mixes/remixes/mashes, we do not condone any type of music downloading.

Lets get things started shall we?

Since this is the first post and dustball can't help me with it we'll both post our favorite remixes as of now, and alittle description, so here we go;


"Ever since I heard this remix, I have loved it. It has a great beat, a cool rap, and its overall a good song in general. Check it out!"

MSTRKRFT ft. Kid Cranberry - Wolfmother (REfix)


"Make sure you also check out this killer remix of MGMT's Kids by George Menov. All aspects of this song make me want to play it over and over, and I wouldn't doubt it will have the same effect on you. Take it from me, this track is hot and it doesn't disapoint!"

MGMT - Kids (George Menov remix)

Be sure to stay tuned! Much more in the future from both us, and our collection