Monday, April 13, 2009

This is, Miami Horror!!!!!!!!

Hello again! This is a pretty new artist that I just found out about. They released their Bravado EP with five singles. It is really one of my favorite groups at the moment. They combine old 60's and 70's sounds with some current rappers. The melodies of the songs are amazing, and pretty much everything about this group is amazing. I suggest you check all of the songs out. I am linking my round up of Miami Horror, all the remixes, originals, plus the full Bravado EP!

Don't Be On With Her

Summerfest '86 (My personal favorite)

Make You Mine



Five Feet of Snow Remix

Heart Attack Remix

Mr. Ice Cream Remix

Talk Like That Remix

Embrace Remix

FaFaFa Datarock Remix

Music Sounds Better With You

Thats all for now, enjoy and keep checking back for regular updates!


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